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Assisted Living Resident Blooms at Berkeley Square

older adult with adult daughter and caregiver in garden

Take a walk through the garden and gazebo area at Berkeley Square nestled between the patios of Assisted Living residents, and you may spy resident Lou Robinson amongst his flourishing green oasis. Take a closer look and see round tomatoes peeking through their vines, plump green beans dangling from their trellis, and well-tended flower and vegetable beds thriving. Each and every growing plant is being personally taken care of by Lou, a current Berkeley Square Assisted Living resident.

Proud plant dad, Lou would tell you that this garden has “taken him back to his roots.”

In 2019, Lou and his late wife Diane moved into a two-bedroom independent living home in Berkeley Square. With them, they brought their love of gardening and tending to their plants, just as they did at their family home in Hamilton for 40 years.
After Diane – Lou’s rock and main caregiver- passed away in 2021, Lou was in need of extra care for his short-term memory loss. He was then paired with Jonnie, a caregiver with Colonial at Home, to help Lou maintain his independence at home. Jonnie assists Lou with daily tasks, maintains appointments, keeps him organized, and most importantly is his companion.

Because of the continuum of care at Berkeley Square, as Lou’s needs changed, he seamlessly transitioned to a private Assisted Living apartment in July of 2021. His new home looks out into the Butterfield Garden, and thus began the next chapter in his life.

“One of the things that has helped me move on and adjust to not having my wife is being a gardener in this gazebo area,” he said. “It gives me purpose, I am giving back. They always tell you that when you are overwhelmed with
your own problems, go help someone else with theirs.”

Lou has seen an outpouring of support from his neighbors, community members, and Berkeley Square staff members since he moved into his apartment. Having access to the many amenities and benefits of assisted living, Lou has continued staying active and enjoying the socialization with his friends and neighbors.

While making the decision to have a loved one move into assisted living can be met with concern and worry, Lou’s daughter Lora has felt confident with her choice when she sees how happy her dad is at Berkeley Square.

“It was a difficult family choice, while we knew he would work his way through the levels of care here, we knew this was the best decision.”

Seeing her dad laughing, joking with others, and continually smiling, Lora and Lou’s family have peace of mind that he is in the most supportive and caring place he can be.

Lou continues exercising his green thumb, as he waters the garden, maintains the grass, trims hedges, and cultivates his plants which have been a blessing not only to him but to his neighbors and friends at Berkeley Square.

April 2, 2024 | Community First