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More Time Spent Together This Holiday Season May Raise Questions About Assisted Living Options

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The holiday season comes with parties, gift-giving, and spending time with family members you may not frequently see the other ten months of the year. As families begin to gather to spread cheer and make memories, there can be noticeable changes in older loved ones. Perhaps dad’s pants hang looser on his hips, or mom’s fridge is filled with unrecognized leftovers from two months ago.

These could be simple changes in diet and honest forgetfulness, but they could also be signs that they could benefit from additional support and care in their older years.

As you spend additional quality time with the older adults in your life this holiday season, consider these six signs that it may be time to research assisted living options.

6-Signs Assisted Living Could Benefit a Loved One

Changes In Hygiene
Forgetting daily tasks like keeping up with simple hygiene habits of
bathing, brushing teeth, and essential grooming. Repeating outfits multiple
days without washing them could be more than occasional forgetfulness.

Expired Food Items
Noticing month-old leftovers in the fridge or expired products and kitchen
ingredients can indicate that your loved one may need help with reminders and
basic housekeeping.

Missed Appointments, Unpaid Bills
Missing routine appointments and doctors’ visits or a pile of unpaid bills can be a
signal that there is a lapse in memory.

Weight Loss
Noticing weight loss can cause concern that meals are being missed or forgotten. It may also pose the question if a loved one is eating a balanced and healthy diet.

Anxious To Be Alone
Fear of being alone or being alone for periods of time can cause additional stress and anxiety.

Repeating Information
Repeating information or repeatedly telling stories can be a typical sign of aging or an early sign of something more, both of which could benefit from additional assistance.

As the season brings families together, it is the best time to take note of any concerning changes in older family members. If any of these signs have raised questions about the well-being of mom and dad, take the time now to learn more about the benefits assisted living options can offer them. It is never too early to research options and find support regarding the future care of a loved one.

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April 2, 2024 | Community First