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Kathy Walsh, Hip Replacement 2022

kathy walsh, patient, older adult woman

Getting back to being involved in her five grandkid’s lives was what Kathy Walsh was looking forward to the most after her knee replacement surgery. By choosing Jamestowne to help her with post-surgery recovery and therapy, Kathy immediately felt welcomed by warm and attentive staff who not only encouraged her to start walking the same evening following her procedure, but met her with optimistic and kind attitudes.

“I can’t say enough good about the nurses and aides, their positive attitude kept me motivated every step of the way.”

Part of Kathy’s recuperation included utilizing a Continuous Movement Passive Motion machine (CPM) that would assist in moving her knee degree by degree until she was able to reach a 120-degree bend. In conjunction with the CPM, Kathy was diligent about attending daily therapy with therapists Amy and Jared who coached her through exercises to strengthen the muscles in her leg and around her knee.

Now, having been home since early April, Kathy is feeling great, and back to attending dance recitals, graduations, and spending her time with her grandkids. She is also planning to reintroduce workouts at Elements Wellness Center to her routine.

“Now, I am going back to Elements to use the recumbent bike and soon adding in the treadmill.”
Today, Kathy is able to walk without any pain, and has the team at Jamestowne to thank for their dedication to getting her back on her feet and back to her family.

May 29, 2024 | HeatherK