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The McKnights Move In: Oxford-Area Couple Starts New Chapter on Serenity Drive

Bill and Marilyn McKnight sit at the counter in their new Serenity Drive home, cutting fresh flowers for a gathering they are hosting. Tomorrow, their friends are stopping by to help them celebrate their new home.

“We’ve been a part of this dinner club for 45 or 46 years,” explained Marilyn. “They’re all coming with their champagne to celebrate.”

The gathering is a wonderful bridge between their current life and their new home. The McKnights, recently moved from their 24-acre property in Oxford to a customized home at Berkeley Square.

“We know we’re aging, so it was time for us to look for something,” said Marilyn. “We saw two or three other neighborhoods, and this was by far the favorite.”

Their home is part of the brand-new Serenity Drive development, a collection of two- and three-bedroom independent living homes with open living areas, walk-out patios, and two-car garages.

“When we saw the house, I thought, ‘Whoever designed these homes really brought the outside in,’” Marilyn said of the main living area, which includes a light-filled solarium. “I love the natural light.”

Bill was impressed by the builder’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

“He said he builds a house to last for 50 years, not five or ten,” Bill said. “I thought, ‘If he has that kind of criteria for his quality standards, we’re going to have a good home.’”

Bill and Marilyn said that, in addition to the home itself, the community atmosphere set Berkeley Square apart from other options.

“It was very comfortable and friendly. There was always a hello, and in fact, some of the people who had already established homes here opened them for us,” said Marilyn. She said that while she and Bill were deliberating, current residents invited them to look around and offered helpful advice.

“We went trooping through their houses, and I thought that was a very kind thing to [allow us] to do. It gave us a bird’s eye view.”

The McKnights’ previous home was situated on a large piece of land that required a lot of outdoor upkeep. While they made many memories there over 22 years, they shared that they are ready to be closer to amenities, care, and friendly faces.

“We just came to a realization,” said Bill. “Our property is going to deteriorate if we can’t keep it up. And this was our answer to that.”

“I loved that part of my life in the woods,” said Marilyn, “but I think I want to do more active kinds of things now. It’s easy to be active here because it’s all set up for you — you just have to get out of bed and take advantage of it.”

The couple has already been enjoying exercise classes at Elements Wellness Center and lunches and dinners at on-site restaurant the Coach House. They are also looking forward to taking part in Trips & Travel.

“At our age, to go downtown, parking — we can do it [ourselves], but it’s a nuisance,” said Bill. “Here, it’s all taken care of.”

Bill and Marilyn shared that when they were talking to current residents, one message came through loud and clear: it’s never too early to make the leap.

“For residents to say, ‘I wish I had done this 2 or 3 years earlier,’ because they enjoy it here so much, and are comfortable here — that was a stamp of approval,” Marilyn said.

As they prepare to toast to their new home, Marilyn is most excited about the ease they’ll experience in a maintenance-free, care-based community, and the time they’ll get back to live their next chapter to the fullest.

“To have the freedom and the time back because we aren’t mowing grass and fixing this, fixing that, pulling weeds — I think that’s a good thing.”

-Carlina Scalf


Our residents say the best way to get to know Berkeley Square is to experience it for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a visit or join one of our Senior Living Explore & Tour events on the third Wednesday of the month. To learn more about available Serenity Drive homes, call 1-513-896-8080 or contact us.   

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June 3, 2024 | HeatherK